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“Positive Character, Professionalism and Policy Management to Assist your Construction Needs ”

EP3 Group, Inc is a Southern California construction inspection firm.

We specialize in providing Inspector of Record (IOR) services to CSU construction projects. Our goal is providing the owner with an IOR who is concerned with all levels of a construction project including building code construction inspection, understanding and upholding approved plans, specifications and submittals.  Our firm also provides consultation with special inspection and geotechnical firms, State Fire Marshall’s, local governing authorities, construction review with facilities management and quality control to the construction environment.

We believe the three P ’s of Professionalism, Positive Character & Policy Management allow our firm to assist owners with an inspector who is going to take a proactive approach to a successful project. We select team members who possess these qualities on each construction project with the goal to assist the owner with a quality driven project while maintaining our client’s set deadlines and budgets. Our firm’s belief in this concept has helped the owner in completion of projects that are completed on time, on budget and code compliant.